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COVID-19 Update

Thank you to our Gristedes associates who are working tirelessly to take care of our neighborhood customers.
Please note that all Gristedes stores will be closing at 10pm Mon-Sun until April 13th.
Thank you to our customers for your patience during this time.

Senior, immunocompromised, and disabled neighbors shopping hours:

We are asking our customers to please prioritize the hours of 7 am – 8 am on Tuesday & Wednesday for our senior citizens, immunocompromised and similarly disabled neighbors.
Those most vulnerable in our communities would greatly appreciate it.

Our Story

Gristedes Supermarkets has been feeding New Yorkers for over 100 years. Our stores offer fresh meats, produce, dairy products, baked goods, frozen foods, gourmet foods, and nonfood items. We at Gristedes strive to make every shopping experience a great shopping experience. Our customers have come to expect the best products at the lowest prices in town. Gristedes proudly operates over thirty stores throughout Manhattan, Westchester and Brooklyn including a store on Roosevelt Island. After more than 120 years, Gristedes progress continues to grow everyday. Management, and associates alike, can well be proud of the history attached to the name of this New York “landmark”.

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