Bonus Savings Card

Bonus Savings Card

Real Savings with your Bonus Savings Card… Every Day!

Save every time you shop with Diamond Value Club discounts on products throughout the store. Simply present your Bonus Savings Card or key tag at checkout and the savings are yours!

Please use a desktop to sign up for our Bonus Savings Card online!

If you wish to save time, you can download an application form. (DOWNLOAD FORM) Print & complete the form, then bring to your neighborhood Gristedes and the manager will provide you with your new Gristedes Bonus Savings Card.

Fill out an application in one of our many store locations and instantly receive your Bonus Savings Card. You can also fill out your application online and receive your card in the mail within 2 weeks.

Bonus Savings Card

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Gristedes Privacy Policy:

In addition to providing our Valued Shoppers with discounts and special savings our Bonus Savings Card rewards our shoppers’ loyalty with targeted values and offers based on their individual family needs. We respect our customers’ concern for privacy. We will not sell or rent our customers’ names, addresses (street and e-mail), or phone numbers to any other company. We will make it possible for our suppliers to send special offers, or other information. Names and addresses will be ued only in progrrams sponsered or co-sponsered by Gristedes. We honor all customers’ requests to have their names and addresses removed from our mailing list. These customers will not be eligible to receive mail, including sweepstakes winner notification. Check the box marked, “I do not wish to receive coupons, special offers, or other information.” to request such action. If at any other time you would like to request removal from mailing lists, please complete a Change For wish is available at the Service Desk in your local Gristedes.

Card Privileges:

Your Bonus Savings Card is accepted a all Gristedes stores. Please do not apply for membership more than once nor in more than one store. To take advantage of our marketing programs, the members of your household should all use the same Bonus Savings Card card number. Bonus Savings Card and key tags are for your household’s personal use only and will be void if altered in any way. Please stop by the Service Desk if you Bonus Savings Card is ever lost or stolen, or if you have any questions about your card.